Elearning: Getting to know its importance

The fact is elearning concept is considered to be vague to many, even after it has been introduced for couple of years now. But with time, its popularity and importance is being realized by organizations of all sizes and domains, across the globe. Essentially, e-learning means electronic learning. It is delivered through the computer. Its meaning tends to differ with different people and in different sectors. In the business field, it is referred to as business strategies used by any company network for training its workforce. The term is said to be used by several Universities to mean a particular method that is used for conveying contents of the program or the course online to the students. These days, higher education systems have been offering students with advanced elearning programs.


ELearning does offer flexible way to make learning fun filled and quick. At times, it is also used in sync with face-to-face learning. Majority of the higher educational institutions nowadays, prefer the online method of learning to be imparted among its students. E learning hospitality management has made things much easier and smoother.


It stands for Learning Management System where all subject aspects are found to be dealt with consistent standard procedure across the institution. Several colleges and universities have been offering certificate and academic degrees through the web. Besides this, numerous educational institutions have been providing variety of online support services such as e-counseling, online advising, online purchase of study materials and much more. Therefore, e-learning can be termed to offer more interesting opportunities to students and make them active. Hence, it can be safely stated that traditional teaching form is being replaced gradually by elearning.

Easier learning process

The truth is e learning for education has only made studies more interesting and easier, when compared to traditional learning. With teenagers using the web on a regular basis, they can now get easy access to various types of web pages with great ease. They also expect technology in playing an important role to develop and strengthen their learning and knowledge. Besides being interesting, elearning is also found to make education quite flexible, thus improving communication. Elearning also helps the students to understand their individual roles and responsibilities and groom their learning. It can be stated to be an interactive form of learning, where an important role is played by the instructor as a facilitator and guide rather than that of a teacher.


Top Advantages of E-learning Apps on Your Smartphone

From famous corporate house to reputed B-schools, the popularity of e-learning has reached to the top. With the advent of smartphones, now e-learning has become easy with the aid of apps. As the number of mobile users is increasing day by day, the development of e-learning apps is also increasing. To stay in the competition, the companies are developing an app in such manner that can easily attract users.

There are many e-learning companies which know the importance of apps nowadays. People want shortcuts to everything. Why spend more time at instructor-led classes, when you can have the same training just by one click? Let’s find out a few benefits of using e-learning apps for having vivid knowledge on corporate learning.

  1. Access at Your Favorable Time

It is quite difficult to remember everything that you learn all the time. It happens that you may not recall something that you learned during classroom training. Having an app handy makes it possible to recollect the essential points immediately at any time, anywhere.

  1. Enhanced Learner Engagement

A user’s engagement to his or her smartphone is undoubted. If they get something in the form of apps, they can get engaged to it well and that can make the learning process more vivid. As companies know the importance of apps, they don’t want to miss the opportunity to launch m-learning for their employees.

  1. Presence of Flexibility

No matter whether you are learning on the small screen of your mobile, the designers have developed the e-learning apps in ways that have made your learning experience much flexible. You can invest some time to visit the app and learning experience can be fun. Another advantage of learning from these apps is that you can carry your phone anywhere and learn according to your time.

  1. Cost-saving Method

While accessing mobile apps for e-learning, you don’t need to pay for printouts and study materials. You are getting everything through the app. There are several apps which can be downloaded as free of cost. And if you need to pay for any app, that is very minimal account.

These are the benefits of using mobile apps for e-learning. Once you download e-learning mobile application, you can learn according to your time and place. Today, the corporate companies are developing such apps so that they can make their employees learn the strategies and policies of the company faster which only invest in company’s growth.

The knowledge sharing by experts

The knowledge is the most important aspect of any field. To impart the knowledge the training plays a vital role. There are various fields where the e-learning can be much helpful. For the development of various training modules, there are various content companies. In this age, there are various sectors such as tourism, hotel, hospitality, These all sectors require quick learning and hence the e-learning can offer the best solution to all of these sectors.

The developments of content:

In the field, one can go for a content development company that can develop excellent learning module required for the concerned field. For the learners to get the right training is very important. With the help of the quality learning module, one can get training in a limited span. The best part of e-learning is the training modules are prepared by experts in the field which a small company may not get in its area or city. Many times for the small organizations to get such modules developed may prove beyond budget also, and hence the ready modules can prove much beneficial to them as such organizations can get the best training modules in a limited budget also.

The field of education:

For the modern schools and colleges that have smart classes, the e-learning can be much useful. The e-learning for educators is prepared by some of the learned faculties of the field. They are prepared after keeping view the changing requirement of the time so that the modules can be used for some more years ahead.  There are modules with audiovisual display and easy to use dashboard so that one can move to the concerned chapter easily.

The learners can also repeat the concerned chapter until the concept is cleared. For the training to mass, this is the best way to impart the training. There are many other areas also apart from education where the e-learning modules can play an important role. In the market, there are some modules readily available that one can buy at a reasonable cost. Some educational organizations prefer to have own modules also, and hence the e-learning content development companies can help them meet this challenge. In brief, one can say that to meet the challenges of changing time one needs to change the way of learning and training which can be possible only with the help of e-learning only. It is the future of many fields in the coming time.

Elearning program: Getting the organization ready to implement it

According to the industry experts, imparting learning to employees in all categories has become an essential task for organizations of all sizes and domains, to survive and perform better, especially in today’s highly competitive industry. Organizations are noticed to allocate a good amount of budget for the development and training of their existing and new employees mainly through online learning programs. However, some professionals might not consider learning at the workplace to be business relevant activity. Hence, prior to implementing the elearning program in the organization, it will be necessary to make sure that this particular initiative is regarded as business activity. It is to be aligned carefully and properly with the objectives of the business, in order to get the best results.


Learning initiative of any type is likely to be funded by the business leaders. This will be done only if e learning hospitality training is found to be business relevant and offers support to achieve the goals of the organization. After allocation of the budget to the learning activity, it tends to become business activity. For instance, if an automobile company’s learning department is eager to create an e-course for training their internal sales team and dealer sales executives, then this initiative is to be funded by the top management. This is because, the organization’s immediate needs will be fulfilled by this initiative. Hence, it is termed as business relevant and therefore, a business activity.

Other aspects to consider

After acceptance of e learning hospitality activity as business activity,  the second aspect encompasses having it aligned with the business. Learning professionals do face challenges in this particular phase and tend to fail in discoursing both alignment and relevance as well. The learning process is meant to be beneficial to both the organization and the learners. It is the well educated and talented elearning providers who can develop better learning strategies, while keeping in mind their client’s business requirements and objectives. This way, they can generate an effective ROI through learning activities. At the same time, they also will align the elearning strategies with that of the changing business priorities.

Prior to recommending any suggested elearning activity, the professionals are required to first make sure that the activities are business related and aligned with the business objectives. The organization’s learning strategy is said to be determined by the organizational goals. Therefore, the elearning professional’s role is to create a learning strategy that will help drive the organization towards getting sure success.

How a led training technique engage the customers

Instructor-led training is an amazing facility, which uses the instructor online, or classroom or group of people. This kind of training will give hands-on experience for the users. The trainer interact the learner and discusses the learning objective with the learning material. In fact, it is one of the most effective ways to grab the things. Let them know the objectives of learning courses by which you can easily promote your service. Compared to the online training, Interactive Led training is more expensive. Hence, the instructor-led training should be practiced carefully to maximize the efficiency.

  1. Create proper instructor-led training materials.

 An instructor training development should always begin with a precise and clear introduction and then proper learning objectives.  Develop a proper plan for each session including what is to be delivered, how to be prepared for the speech and similar endeavors.  In the instructor-led classroom training, use more engaging ways such as role plays, games, interesting activities, group activities, group discussion and much more.

  1. Form instructor-led training into a blended solution

 Make use of the microlearning online models to ensure an engaging online course. Make more knowledge oriented training sessions and modules for the betterment of the learners. Rather than making concept-oriented content, create more animations and cartoons for the concept to add more visuals to your course. It is otherwise known as blended learning, which provides a complete solution for all the issues in tacking the online courses. In fact, it will be cheaper than ILT.

  1. Publish online

Review your interactive online courses often to get to know how much they delivered to the user. Also, you can determine what actually the user wants. Try to make the more interactive session as possible. By instructor led online courses you may train a lot of people but how can you determine if the concepts reached the user properly? Hence, publish your eLearning course in online from which you can receive more updates, feedbacks, and suggestions. In facts, the feedbacks you receive from your youtube account will really help you to improve the customer service of you. Make interactive classes, webinars and live session to engage more customers.

  1. Select facilitators carefully

Before starting the courses, make sure that you have chosen the right facilitators for your course. The trainers should have either strong knowledge on the core subjects or hands-on experience. If the trainer is a subject matter Expert then it is an additional advantage. Keep in mind that the courses should engage the customers effectively. A successful trainer may use some creative visuals such as metaphors, anecdotes and add their personal experience to add more values to the course.

  1. Customize ILT presentation to group needs.

 In the Instructor-led training, you cannot personalize the experience individually, but you can do some adjustments depends on your trustworthy group. For instance, when you deliver the business matters, you should be able to interact the customers easily by using creative visuals and images to promote the business messages. Determine the way of communication style and expression as it will have a positive impact on the success of your eLearning courses.

E-learning for Information Technology Industry and Automobile industry

Modern information technology and automobile industry pay increased attention to e-learning in higher education because it tends to offer a unique opportunity in the contemporary scenario. Information technology provides higher education with the potential to broadcast knowledge to masses than ever before. Every company tries to ensure that their employees have the vital skills and comprehension to spawn superior productivity at a bigger rate than other competitors.

  • Application: Information technology in distance education is delivered via both analog and digital technologies, including varied amalgamation of telephone acquaintances, telecourses, video conferences and computer transmissions. There are various audiovisual clips and other contents used in it. Information technology for distance learning programs is a manifestation of this innovative world. It proposes education via E-learning for Information Technology Industry.
  • Growth: E-learning in the IT industry grows out of today’s technological insurrection. It intends to be individualized, interactive, and independent of time, emphasizing learning over teaching and commonality of outcomes over cohesion of processes. The automobile industry does not devise to a large extent exertion in the field of non-technical quarter such as business ability and individual growth. With e-learning, both technical and non-technical courses can be fashioned for the automotive


This invasion of e-learning in IT industry comes with its set of challenges. There is a great need for training employees in basic IT skills and competencies in the IT industry. The training is an important part for many industries where they need skilled employees to perform various tasks. The e-learning can play a crucial role here as to offer the training becomes much an easy task with the help of electronic modules.

Solutions to problem E-learning for Information Technology and Automobile industries:

E-learning for IT industry can help in training fresh recruits with limited skills as well as those seeking to improve their proficient skills. The plan might be to boost knowledge, gain additional work experience.  E-learning material can be accessed anywhere, anytime and with technology compatible with multiple browsers and operating systems. E-learning helps create employees with transferable IT skills, soft skill. Employees can be provided with self-paced training or instructor-led training as per their liking.

E-learning for automotive can be boxed and implemented like -Research and development courses are separately introduced to innovate and create new solutions. Cost consciousness aimed at training managers and supervisors to implement cost-cutting in the production process. Onboarding programs for new hires by imparting the industry and organization unambiguous awareness.

Say goodbye to the training challenges in hospitality and IT sector

Now take your business efficiency to next level to treat the customers with a smile. Hospitality and IT are important sectors where the staffs have to be on their toes.  Yes, these competitive sectors are in need of energetic and knowledgeable staff to handle the task with professional excellence. Businesses are facing real challenges in training the staff to improve the quality of services and to maintain the quality standards. The traditional methods of training really lack the spirit and the staffs fail to get the real benefit out of them. Hence the business is looking for a training mode that makes use of the technological benefits to make the things understand in a simpler and smarter way.

Benefits of E-learning

Interesting and Inspiring

E leaning or e-training is made free from the usual training with a whiteboard and the marker. Now there is no need for the staff to gather in a hall and to look at the same whiteboards. Now the training session reaches the computer screens of the staff. They are designed and delivered with lectures, presentations, and graphics to make the training really interesting and inspiring. All of the staff can take part in the training from their comfortable seats. E-learning hospitality management sessions can be saved and can be used for reference at any time.

E-learning hospitality management

Includes sensitive topics

There are some sensitive topics in the hospitality industry including handling emergency, alcohol service, compliance for food and safety etc. Here the staff definitely need soft skills training. The training sessions beautifully train the staff to handle these situations in a perfect manner and to assure maximum satisfaction for the customers. Training can be provided for both new and existing staffs to update the knowledge and skills.

Tension-free training

Most of the businesses never like to make any problems or interruptions on routine business for any of the reason including training. They need to get tension free training session. This is the reason why present businesses are depending on the e-learning companies to get the best in learning and training. Reputed companies provide customized e-learning for it industry at affordable rates.

Enjoy the benefit of quality training

Now it is the time for businesses in the hospitality and IT sector to make use of quality training. Just discuss your needs with the company executive. They will develop the perfect and unique training materials that easily upgrade the knowledge of your staff in a fantastic way.


Learning through the electronic media viz. through internet is called e-learning. The advancement of technology has graced the planet with benefits such that the macro level achievements have been greater both in terms of monetary and non- monetary benefits. The industry specific techniques to the program e-learning can be different. However, the ultimate goal to be achieved by the companies is the same that is the growth and the development of the company.

E-learning in the automobile industry is the need of the hour owing to the reason that one needs to be updated regarding the technology being used in all kinds of cars and vehicles that are being manufactured by their competitors. It is only then that the employees of the concerned company will think from the perspective of the company in order to make the company a step ahead of the competitor.

Image result for e-learning automotive industry

How it works ?

The automobile industry involves the great deal of innovation in parts, modeling, designing etc. Sometimes, the extreme mini and extreme major parts can not be handled using the hands and therefore, cannot be studied elaborately. The virtual conditions can be generated online in order to study the each and every aspect of the car modelling in different scenarios.

Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) or Virtual Classroom Training (VCT) are concepts to deliver the training. Everything from the front end sales to back end mechanism has been simplified for the company. The error level has been reduced to minimal levels owing to the graciousness of the technology we have been addicted to. The problems at the managerial level too can be resolved better through the best techniques of the e-learning. The platform provided by the e-learning concept has visualized the world in the palm not only in the automobile industry but also for the IT industry. The software developers, the hardware aspirants and the others can learn the concepts like wavelength, the connections, the wire-line etc. easily and without much effort. The knowledge gained through the e-learning automotive industry will contribute to the performance level of the IT companies and the automobile companies in the short range and all the companies at the global level.

Further, the time saved in the concept of E-learning has proven to be best for the companies as the training can be flourished among the employees while working full-time simultaneously. The time of travelling of the employees can be best saved using the e-learning concept for imparting training by the companies. The normal barriers like age, location, and timing can thus be removed using the e-learning concept.

The connection between the e-learning aspect and its realizations in the form of attainments can be best seen in the infrastructure required. The more the people prefer and start using the e-learning mechanism, the more the infrastructure for IT system will be required. Therefore, the business of the IT industry will prosper thus increase their customer base and the earnings. The economy of the nation will boost up ultimately. The quality of living will, also enhance as a result of the increase in the level of use of e-learning concept.

Choosing Right Tool For E-Learning

When a sickle is the sole instructional tool you possess, soon you will perceive your curriculum as crop to harvest. The trouble with this dynamic is that there is no one mould that fits learning solutions. Some of them are crops but others are rocket science.

Consider also diverse learning styles of those who joined your course. Now your sickle will appear more as a liability than an asset. Learning technology is just like tools like sickle. It is a temptation to delve blindly into the pool of buzzwords for e-learning and use the first object you pull out.

But if you select the wrong tool for your specific job it will lead to disaster- like trying to fix problems of rockets science with a sickle. It is a blessing that we live in an era where much types of e-learning technology is available. But sheer variety of choice has made it vital for instructional designers to do research before choosing the right technical tool for information of e learning

Here are a few tips to select the right tools for e-learning:

  • Identify Your Problem

Apart from technology, development of curriculum is best when you start from your desired solution and do work backwards. Backward design is the best way to comprehend your educational needs. First you can determine what skill sets you wish to provide learners and work backwards to develop the most efficient steps to provide those skill sets. After figuring out the steps that your learners need to complete, you can decide the right tools or e-learning technology.

  • Select Wisely

One may be tempted to go in for technology like gamification because it sounds like an amazing tool. While this is true for some industries, there are other industries which do not suit courses where leaners engage in competition and progress after achieving certain goals. Industries with professional content like the medical sector face risk of alienating learners with a gamified course.

This also applies to Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). These are two technologies which have become more accessible commercially. VR/ AR helps provide interactive simulations which are ideal for training employees in dangerous jobs or life-threatening situations. But it may be too much for training staff for changes in HR policy.

  • Consult Professionals

After you find the perfect technical tools for e-learning, you will need to consult professionals for a solid plan for implementation. E- learning education companies can help design the perfect e-learning strategy.

These are some aspects about choosing the right tools for e-learning.

Design Techniques To Help Enhance Online Learning

The fact is people tend to learn on a daily basis, be it learning something new, any skill, undertaking some kind of training or finding information on any new topic. These days, this training is said to be held online. Now, instructional and interactive videos and articles offered on the mobile and computer devices have made learning much quicker, fun and interesting.

About the design features

The design of the online course needs to be in a manner that the learning experience needs to be enhanced immensely. When taking into consideration the physical textbook design, the few things are taken care of by the textbook designers for spicing up the textbook like:

  • Include pictures with the text
  • Offer links to audio and video files
  • Include graphs for illustrating a point

The online course design is said not to be much different from this. The reputed and talented e-learning content development companies do make sure that the online course is made much more interactive and engaging, when compared to the physical textbook.

Some useful techniques to design the online course

  • Introducing videos: Similar to the physical textbook that may have a video written link to illustrate better a point, including a video within the online content can be a great idea. This needs to be used as a change or break from the content. The fact is videos are not found to be engaging automatically by the learner. Rather, it needs to be adequately designed to be appealing. It needs to be fast, address the desired message in an engaging, fun manner and be of decent quality.
  • Using white space: Text in huge blocks having some white space could overwhelm the learner. The paragraphs are to be broken apart. The content is to be written in manner that it can be read smoothly and also appear less.
  • Clear navigation: This is something quite crucial and should not be neglected or missed out. In case, the design is found to be confusing, then the learner will not be able to go forwards or Hence, the design needs to be smooth, well built one that is easily and effortlessly understandable.

The top elearning companies in India do know how to create highly interactive and engaging contents that will work out well for their clients and help the learners to have immense fun while learning.