Gamification and its advantages in e-learning

Gamification refers to the act of explaining or illustrating something in the form of games. The idea is to generate interest among the targeted audience about what is being taught by illustrating it through games. In e-learning industry, Gamification might be the next big thing as it won’t just be widely applauded by the young generation today that totally loves video games and play stations but also get support from the parents, who won’t mind their children playing if it is to impart knowledge. Gamification is indeed the future of e-learning.

Gamification and its impact on e-learning

It would be easier to understand the advantage of gaming and e-learning combined in the form of numbers. According to surveys, 75% of the total world population loves the idea of gaming. Also, learners are able to remember only 10% of the stuff that they read while what they hear is remembered almost 20%. If the same thing is explained in the form of video, with visuals, they tend to remember as much as 30% of the things. However, if you make them do something physically as a part of the lesson, they memorize 90% of their actions. This clearly explains how learning via games can be much more productive as compared to the boring methods of based learning

Gamification and its future in e-learning

It is the first baby steps that take maximum time, and once developed, the popularity automatically makes innovative ideas successful. Same goes in the case of Gamification in the e-learning industry. Going by the facts and figures, it is being estimated that almost 50% of the primary organizations that manage the processes of innovation will be gamifying their business and e-learning being one of its aspects, will be gamified too. By 2020, Gamification will be a widely popular aspect of e-learning and it will also increase its popularity.

Gamification gives an all new definition to the word innovative. It was accepted all over that work combined with play can fetch tremendous results but now that it has been turned into a reality, it will be a great leap towards much better standards of learning and education. In the present time, there is very a small number game based learning companies in India and that too have a lot to accomplish before finally making it a success. The future of gamification in e-learning seems to be promising.


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