Top 7 Advantages of E-Learning

E-learning refers to the use of electronic technology to help in the acquiring and developing of knowledge. It particularly means the use of computers to deliver lessons outside the class room environment.

Being a new and valuable technology, it has many advantages over the older types of learning. Today e-learning content development India is happening in a big way.

Some of them are as follows:

  • More cost effective: Initial cost of developing an e-learning course is expensive but when you consider the delivery of the course, it is much more cost effective. This is especially true for a student body situated in diverse geographical locations.
  • Ensure quality and save time: Many studies have shown that e-leaning provides a time saving of 30 to 40% over traditional instruction of class rooms while garnering better results in education. Reduction of training time has most obvious impact on Return on Investment by getting savings on wages meant for spending on training as well as on opportunity cost for top producers and sales staff.


  • Minimum travel cost: Most companies have regarded that Entertainment and Travel, make for the bulk of training costs. Studies reveal that such costs when associated with e-learning are cut by nearly 50% to 80%.
  • Suited to people in different locations: The biggest advantage with e-learning is that it can be delivered to students situated at diverse locations. It is suited for training employees who are globally dispersed. Web delivered content can be easily modified which can be subject to translation and adapted for different languages and cultures.
  • Consistent delivery: Classroom training differs each time it is presented. But e-earning is like a taped performance; it is consistent each time it is used. Hence it is valuable for training.
  • More individualized training: With e-learning, students can learn at their own pace and at a time suitable for their schedules. Students can pick from the content what they need most and choose concepts that they are lacking.
  • Learning anywhere 24×7: Students can learn anytime, anyplace. Course content including lectures is available, all 24 hours of the day, anywhere in the world where one can access a computer and the net.

These are some of the advantages of e-learning.


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