What advantages does e-learning have over traditional classrooms?

The present age can be rightly termed to be the age of digitization, where all work is done through sophisticated tools, equipments and devices. The fact is that modern technology has completely changed the way people work or live. Even the education sector has been changing, with the educators being compelled to rethink on the basic precepts. It can be stated that they are continuously under intense pressure to create artistic and innovative learning materials for the more tech-advanced current generation.


Emergence of e learning content development India professionals

There have emerged several professionals throughout the country, who have been trying to raise to the occasion to provide the right e-learning solutions to their clients, be it the educational or the corporate sector. They help educational institutes to create quality e-learning contents that can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime, without any hassle. Such e-learning development providers are said to fabricate operative, dynamic, comprehensive and empowering study materials that are developed exclusively for kids of all ages. This way, they ensure that learning becomes all the more interactive, thrilling and filled with fun. E-learning rather can be stated to be a mixture of graphics and words which lend hands-on learning things much more effectively and quickly when compared to the typical traditional learning ways.

Deriving the benefits

  • Help saves time: Students can save a good amount of their time with e-learning concepts, when compared to the traditional classroom studies.
  • Reducing travel expenditure: As education can be gained from the comfort of the home, the travel costs are reduced to about 50%.
  • Cost effective: Since books are offered by the education centers online, books are not required to be purchased. What is required a steady net connection.
  • Flexibility: Fixed timing is not present for learning unlike that of conventional classroom type. The students can learn at any time and from any place desired.
  • Detailed study: Through e-learning, students can learn subjects in departments. Case studies can be better analyzed for deriving better idea about the subject matter.
  • Wide range of learning materials: It is possible to have e-learning materials created by the providers on a mass scale over the web.
  • Better presentation: Having high quality graphics and contents, learning undoubtedly has become much more interactive, interesting and fun. Presentations and pictures are regarded to be the new learning tool of the 21st

To conclude, e-learning is fast becoming the effective, new classroom for students of all ages and has been contributing significantly towards enhancing children’s learning process.


Importance of animation development

Similar to the print media, a cartoon or an illustration is considered to be good like that of any 2000 worded articles. In electronic media which includes video-audio presentation, visuals do matter immensely than text. The visuals that otherwise may be static, do help gain added value as they get presented in animated version. The animation gets projected either in 3D or 2D formats.


What is animation all about?

Animation is regarded to be a technique for developing images and pictures in motion using modern technology. Rather, it is termed to be software called VFX which creates some awesome effects and natural environments literally in video-audio presentations by having real life images combined. As a matter of fact, the animation medium inspires, informs, entertains and educations in a highly convincing manner, which does not require any second opinion. With the introduction of information & communication technology (ICT) including different types of assorted software programs only has increased further relevance of animation.

Need for 3D animation development services

Corporate companies of all sizes and domains have been increasingly making use of 3D animation development services for promoting their businesses. But to make the most from it, the services are to be availed only from well established, professionally competent animation solution providers. The reason is because; animated video-audio depends upon very high imagination levels, appropriate conceptualization theme understanding and ultimate presentation. It can be stated that the demand for certified, experienced and talented animation development companies has been rising at a fast pace.

How to select a good and reliable animation provider?

When it comes to selecting a good and reputed animation provider, the ideal preference can be termed to be a well equipped professional studio. Companies, by and large are to get engaged in site related development services, while digital communication modes have been stated to be capable towards offering such services. A good provider is one that can offer top quality e-learning solutions that is specific to the needs of the client. Besides K12 educational kits (kindergarten – standard XII level), the provider should also be able to come up with the best quality corporate learning packages.

Game development and designing along with multimedia packages also find favor with animation techniques. The games are not only compatible for PC, or over the web, but also for mobile phones, Touchpads and different types of consoles. Besides films, TV, multimedia, academics and e-learning, VFX and animation are used extensively in CAD, insurance, medicine and architecture among others.

Use of e-learning in the modern education system

The education system is changing rapidly. Every year there is something new introduced to help the children learn better and get good education. One such mode of education that has benefitted many students is the e-learning program for the K 12 curriculum development education.

Benefits of using e-learning in education –

It is self paced –

E-learning does not have any particular speed. Each student can learn at their own speed. They can speed up their pace or slow down whenever they want. This gives equal opportunity for all the students to learn according to their comfort instead of forcing everyone to learn at one single speed.

It is self directed –

Each child is his own teacher. Instead of learning the lesson that the teacher wishes to teach, each child can pick their own content and tools to gain knowledge. This is very convenient as each student has differing interests, skills and needs.

Customised learning –

The material used for learning is designed around the learner and hence suits all the students according to their needs.There are multiple learning styles used to deliver the lessons and learn them.


No geographical barriers –

E-learning is especially useful when the student cannot attend the classes. Ill students, students who are on a vacation, students who are representing the school in sports and games, can all not attend the regular classes. These students will find it easy to attend classes and learn lessons. This technology opens up broader education options.

Anywhere anytime –

The students can access the study material 24/7, from any part of the world. This flexibility is welcome by part time students and the regular ones too.

Cost effective –

The e-learning will cut the costs of travel expenses unlike the regular classes when the students have to assemble in one class. It is surely going to benefit even the students from the rural parts of the country.

Greater interaction –

The e-learning will enable more interaction between the students. There will be more communication which can lead to the vanish of stage fear and shyness.

Technically sound –

The use of technology to learn the lessons will make the students technically sound. They will have greater computer and Internet knowledge.

Most of the major universities in the world have embraced the online learning system. They conduct online classes and distribute online degrees and certificates that are valuable in the present day business world.

How to enhance the effectiveness of your e-learning training?

Today, everything we do is related to technology. From waking up to the sound of our cell phone alarms to going to sleep after reading on our kindle, our life revolves around technology and gadgets. When such is the situation, it is good to adopt this technology in building a successful business based on the technology. Use of technology to train employees is no new incident. It has been done from quite some time. After so many companies saw the benefits of e-learning, today, many companies have embraced the e-learning training for the workers.

Creating an e- learning strategy can be tricky if you are not familiar with its features. However, you can always hire e-learning development companies to do the job efficiently. You might have begun to use e-learning for training purposes, but here are some things to increase its effectiveness –


Now it is time to look at the ways to enhance the effectiveness of your mobile learning course:

Keep it small –

Your employees will not have the time or interest to read large lessons. As they will be using their electronic gadgets, you better keep the lessons small. Many employees access the training material on the go as they are pressed for time. It will be convenient if the training material is brief, and to the point.

Videos –

Videos are the easiest way to train people. Watching things will make the people remember them longer. Use of short videos and slide shows will also do the trick. But, let the videos be short. Any video must be only of maximum 4 to 5 minutes of length. Also, as the trainees will be accessing the training material from different places, they may not be in a position to hear the anything. So, keep the audio narration to the minimum.

Active discussions –

Your employees must be able to communicate and collaborate with their co-workers. They must also be able to interact with their instructors to get support when in doubt. Active discussions keep the employees engaged and provide motivation to continue the course.

Feedback –

Finally, it is important to collect the opinions of the employees. The e-learning process must evolve according to the technological advancements and the necessities of the employees. Insights of what the employees expect can help you in updating your company’s training methods.

Apply the above guidelines to your e- learning programs and create the best training course for your employees to benefit your own company.

Does your business need e-learning?

E-learning is great way to distribute knowledge when it comes to the corporate world. Most of the employees own a computer or at least a cell phone. E-learning involves use of digital media to learn the newest stuff in the market and the business. It will help the employees be updated about their work. It also gives them an idea about what to do during crisis, how to perform well in their work etc. Over all, it is not just the employees that are benefitting from the e-learning process but also the corporate companies too.

Today, every business, no matter how large or small is adopting the e-learning process to train their workers. It is the most fast and efficient way of teaching the employees. Also, the employees enjoy learning digitally more than the old school way.


Does your company really need e-learning programs?

  • E-learning is a very efficient way of training employees to stay in the rat race. So, if you want to expand your business and reach newer horizons, then you must adopt the e-learning process.
  • E-learning is very economical, more than the other learning methods. So, if you want to save some big bucks on your training sessions, then you will definitely need to bring in the modern training process.
  • E-learning helps to nurture talented workers. It shows a pathway for employees who wish for a career progression. So, if you want to see the improvement in your employees as well as your business, then go for it.
  • Training is done at the employee’s convenience any time of the day 24/7. So, if you want your employees to work in their work hours and train themselves in their free time, this technology is what you need. The flexibility is going to help your business and the employees too.
  • The customised training that the e-learning gives will benefit all your employees, no matter what their learning speed is. Thus, it breaks the barrier of the learning speed that is between the employees creating a healthy bond between them, thus encouraging them to work for the company in harmony.

Most companies are still using the traditional mode of training. But it is not long before they are going to throw away the course materials and embrace e-learning. The growing popularity of e-learning can be proven by the fact that there are hundreds of best e learning companies in India. Thus, it will not be an exaggeration if we say that every business needs e-learning.