Use of E-Learning in Hospitality Industry

 E-learning provides a sure fire competitive advantage for firms today, in all leading industries. This fact is especially relevant in the hospitality and tourism industry. Their main focus is on delivering the best customer service and hence has a consistent need for training.

The current turbulent economic environment also means that firms would like to cut costs and improve bottom lines. Therefore, firms in the hospitality industry are turning to e-learning for cost effective and efficient training. One factor especially relevant to the hospitality sector is that it has very high staffturnover and shortages. Hence, by investing in developing knowledge and skills of employees, hotels and tour operators are improving quality of service and customer satisfaction.


Now it is widely accepted that e-learning offers training at much lower cost than conventional classroom training. But in developing and implementing training, every industry has its own special requirements and needs. E-learning material is being developed especially for the hospitality sector.

Content and nature of e-learning for hospitality industry are:

  • Training is provided to staff for delivering service to inbound tourists from wide variety of geographic locations. They are made sensitive to the needs of various cultures.
  • Unique and standard training material is developed for all employees using e-learning technology.
  • Employees in the hospitality sector are always on the move. Hence for them e-learning is made available on mobile devices. Training content is accessible to the leaner anywhere, anytime depending on his/ her convenience. Some develop courses which can be accessed from any device-mobile, laptop or desktop. The courses are compatible with all operating systems.
  • Viewing experience: Learners need to access training in devices with small screens and lower resolution. Hence, courses are developed to suit small screen size and better resolution. User experience is thus made uniform.
  • The course can adopt multi-media content to make it more interesting and improve retention. Audio delivery of e-courses means that learner can listen to the course and enable learning.
  • The course can reach tour operators spread in far flung corners of the country.

Thus, the hospitality industry can make use of the services of companies providing e-learning content development India. Make sure to hire a company that has immense experience and is proficient in developing such programs catering to the needs of the industry.E-learning has a special role to play in training of staff and improving productivity in the hospitality sector.


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