How to Design a Game Based E-Learning Course!

E-learning games may not feel like driving a racing car but it does offer a rare sense of excitement and engagement while helping you to learn content and skill sets. Creators of e-learning games face the challenge of designing effective e-learning games that strike the balance between education and fun that benefits target audience.

Here are a few tips that can help course designers in game based learning companies:


  • Plan game based e-learning course in advance: Before starting out with the first graphic or text in the course, it is best you plan an in depth layout of your game which includes all items that are necessary. It is easy to go off-track while designing an e-learning game, but you can do well by keeping an outline as a road map, which enables you to focus on the objectives of the course. Layout can include details like structure of game, the planned outcome,subject matter to be covered etc.
  • Adhere to a relevant and unified theme: You may be tempted to incorporate many graphics and images into your freshly designed e-learning game. After all, you want to pack a punch on to the learner. But for this, you need to stick to a relevant theme throughout the e-learning game and include elements that fit with the specific theme.
  • All elements must tie with objectives of game: One major principle guiding the creation of e-learning games is that every element must connect with the objectives of the course. From the structure to the images, all details must serve the aims and objectives. One important goal, for instance is knowledge retention. This can be achieved by making the game interactive and impressing upon them the applicability of ideas in solving real world challenges.
  • Balance between difficult and challenging:There is a narrow gap between e-learning games that are interesting and challenging to learners and ones which are too difficult, so learners give up on completing the course. It is hence vital that while designing the e-learning game, one must strike the balance between difficulty and enjoyment, so you are able to achieve your aims and objectives.
  • Hand them choice: Learners always like to be in control, so design the course such that the learner can proceed with the game based e-learning material, by making a number of personal choices.
  • Display outcome:Designer of the course must illustrate the impact of choices made in the course on real life situations without involving the associated risk.

These are some tips to design a game based e-learning course.



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