Tips for creating multi-distribution e-learning courses and contents

Demand and supply is not just an ordinary marketing term, but also pertains effectively in e-learning delivery methods and academics industry. The increase in e-learners has been quite remarkable in the last couple of years. Also, there has been noticed increased demand for multi-platform courses. With technology evolving at a rapid pace, the educational sector has been welcoming this change. Furthermore, the invention of smartphones, mobile phones, tablets, etc. has been providing e-learners with new, viable ways for accessing the contents and materials instantly. One remarkable change witnessed is accessing e-learning content via mobile distribution platform.

Revolutionizing the education industry

With content distribution platforms being introduced, the e-learning industry has definitely been revolutionized. However, not all distribution platforms have been created equally. For example, the social networks are known to have their very own reader types. Audiences get attracted to feeds. Various e-learning platforms lure other kinds of people to their feeds. It is here that the thinking process begins as to how the content is to be made more precise and effective.

How effective multi-platform contents and courses are to be created?

Firstly, the learning courses are to be converted into unparalleled e-learning experience. The mobile learning courses which are published and released on the mobile distribution platforms tend to offer in-depth and completely tactile e-learning experience for the online readers. Interactivity is considered to be a notable benefit. Secondly, it is necessary to determine the minimum e-learning design needs. It is essential to calculate and know the smart devices and mobile devices that the e-learners have been using for accessing contents.


If most of the e-learning audience has been using the latest technology, then not much attention is to be paid on the design. For instance, if e-learning course is being created specific to iPhone 5 and Android 5.0, then not much investment would be required. There is no need to worry with regards to developing digital multi-platform e-learning contents and courses for each and every device. Thirdly, it is upon clarity and readability that focus is to be given upon instead of creativity when selecting the font colour and style.

When accessing e-learning contents, every e-learner would prefer readability much over creativity, irrespective of the mobile screen size or distribution platform. Besides this, an important role is played by navigation. These days, organizations have been using game based learning companies for creating highly interactive e-learning courses.


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