Benefits of Using Games In E-Learning

A common perception is that children will be spoiled by game based online learning. There is nothing more incorrect than this belief and the fact is that there are countless benefits for e-learning based on games.

Of course,the undesirable situation would be of children spending all day with eyes fixed on a computer screen. But online or game based e-learning is not antithetical to the welfare of kids. In fact, by playing online games, a child’s development and learning can be enhanced.

Here are a few benefits of game based education:

  • Promotes self-learning and motivation:

One of the biggest challenges in educating children is to keep them motivated and interested in their learning content. When education becomes game-based, this problem is solved by enhancing self-learning and motivation. Gamification removes the typical stress of a classroom. Retention of concepts is encouraged by game based education.


  • Provides instant feedback and rewards:

In game-based education, the child progresses as he masters some skills or concepts. He is rewarded continuously as he advances in the game. The progress based on incentives keeps the learners enthused. In contrast with the delayed reward for end –term exams, game based modules provide instant gratification.

  • Gives chance to choose learning material:

Game based education allows learners to choose what to learn. Because of this choice, learners take up an active role in their education. They solve problems, ask more questions,and learn more effectively. They push harder at what they learn.

  • Improves-non-cognitive skills:

In the traditional setting of classrooms, little attention is paid to training in non-cognitive skills like perseverance, self-control and patience. These are crucial skills for succeeding as an adult.

  • Enhances technical literacy:

Today we live in a world running on technology. Playing online games make learners adept at computer and other technical skills. These include manipulating the key board, browsing, using search engines etc.E-learning mobile application helps kids learn the nuances of using a mobile phone.

  • Improves problem solving and strategic thinking:

Most games require quick thinking and action by players. Learners need to think logically and plan further steps to solve problems. This is a good opportunity for children to learn adult skills like thinking on their feet and out of box. Online games also improve hand-eye coordination.

  • Helps special children:

Gaming based education helps in teaching skills to special children like those with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) or Dyslexia. Game based education gets rid of the one-size fits all model of learning and provides opportunities for children to learn at their pace.


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