The top reasons why you should embrace Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) is delivered through e learning processes and it is one of the most growing trends of the modern times. Every field is accepting this method as a part of their curriculum in order to impart as much knowledge as possible without compromising on quality and time. Every industry is accepting VILT as a part of their employee trainee program as well. Also, known as VCT or Virtual classroom training, this kind of learning helps the modern learners in various ways. It is also very helpful when one really needs education, but cannot afford it or get access to it by any way. Learn the other amazing benefits of VILT in this article.

  • E learning for educators help the instructors to stay updated and well versed in whatever topic they will teaching on. It is necessary that educators also stay updated and learn something always so that the can give the best education to their students. E learning through virtual classroom makes it possible to gain knowledge for both the educators and the students.
  • If a teacher cannot be present in front of the students, then VILT helps is solving this geographical barrier and also it won’t be tiring anymore for the teacher to teach their students at times other than designated for the traditional classrooms. One can also get knowledge from teachers who live very far away through webinars or video conferencing etc. Also, features where you can pause or play or rewind as much as you want helps the students as well as the instructors to learn at their own pace and learn everything thoroughly.



  • There is a scope for learning a lot topics at the comfort of your own home without going to any library or book shops. Without wasting time one can learn a lot of topics within their own pace.
  • Online instructor led training provides an environment where education can be accessed at a very low cost and that helps students from every stratum of the society to get access to it.
  • It also makes one tech savvy that is very much necessary for this age students. Technology is everywhere now and whichever career you will go for will surely involve technology so being tech savvy is not a luxury anymore, but a necessity.
  • It is a great platform for introverts as they won’t feel that shy anymore to present themselves in front of everyone.

All these advantages of instructor led online training will help the progress of society and that is why everyone should adopt it ASAP.


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