2D Animation: Knowing The Different Types And Weighing The Pros And Cons

If you are trying to explore the scope of 2D animation and incorporate in your e learning methodologies, then you must get a clear idea about what 2D animation is all about, its types, and its advantages and disadvantages.

Animation itself can be of several types. 2D animation is just one of them, and still now, the most used in all e learning methodologies. The best 2D animation company in India makes use of 4 techniques in 2D animation, to define the 4 types of this type of animation.

  • Cut – Out Animation
  • Frame – by – Frame
  • Rigged Characters with Inverse Kinematics
  • Roto-scoping

Cut – Out Animation Technique

This type of animation takes a lot of preparation and time to make. Here every character is cut and placed in different layers to give it the desired effect. Although it takes a lot of time, yet you have to do everything just once, and not draw every frame. Then all you need to do is to animate the characters as puppets.

Pros: The time taken to animate the characters is very less, as the frames are not needed to be drawn over and over again.

Cons:The preparation time is high and there is a limitation on how you can place the characters. Moreover, this is not the fastest type of 2D animation available to you.

Frame-by-frame animation

This is the traditional animation technique. Also known by the names Flip Animation, or Classical Animation, here you draw each and every frame. Suppose your frame rate is 12 fps or frames per second, then you need to draw 12 frames for 1 second of animation.

Pros: You can make your characters do whatever you feel like or can imagine. They can have any expression on their faces and any pose on their body.

Rigged characters (using inverse kinematics)

This is the fastest kind of 2D animation available. Here the technology used, called the Inverse Kinematics works in the opposite way as forward kinematics, as is done in Cut – Out animation. The movements are done by using mathematical formulae, and so, are easy and quick to implement.

Pros: The speed of making the animation is simply superb.

Cons: The time taken for preparation is a little longer than others. Moreover, you are limited by the Rig in the actions that you can get your characters to do.

Rot scoping

This is a variation of fame-by-frameanimation.

Pros: The time taken is lesser than the traditional fame-by-framemethod.

Cons: This may be a bit faster method than the fame-by-frame, yet, compared to the other techniques, you take a long time.

Most of the leading K12 e learning companies in India offer good curriculum in 2D animation education.


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