The Impact Of E-Learning In Information Technology

E-leaning is one of the influential tools implemented to impart education and communication. Information Technology is basically anything that has to do with software development, software management, technology deployment and maintenance. Info Tech is a broad aspect that deals with processing and managing of information, which usually is within a large company or organisation. Info Tech can also deal with the business productivity issues such as communication mediums, e-mails etc.

E-Learning and IT

E-learning is implementing cognitive science to electronic technology to enhance learning. Many researchers have suggested that using multimedia has the capability to enhance learning using few cognitive principles. Now, e-Learning has become such a success in the educational setup as it has let many employees of these IT firms break the old traditional barriers that caused hindrance to proper learning and education. India has also been a witness to this global revolution. There are many productive E-learning companies India has to offer. IT companies would prefer to have e-Learning as a way of imparting knowledge to large number of employees at once as it reduces the logistics that are required to perform classroom training for such a large number of people.

In the IT world, the technologies keep changing very rapidly, sometimes even several times within a year. This requires the workforce to get new training and new learnings, for these kind of scenarios, e-learning is the best platform as it does not make sense to have classroom trainings several times a year for everyone.

Another advantage of e-learning information technology courses is that it can be taken by the employees at any time when they are free. You do not need to take a whole team out of the workforce and the daily schedule to attend trainings. This reduces the number of days your work team is out of action because of classroom training.

Most companies in the IT sector of India operate on one principle, that is to reduce the costs as much as possible. They try to reduce the costs even in training of new employees too. When they use e-learning instead of classroom trainings, they can cut costs up to 50% which means that they can save half of the money they were going to spend. This itself is enough motivation for the IT companies to use e-learning and hence e-learning has become very popular among the IT firms of India. It looks like e-learning and IT will have a long relationship.


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