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Mobile E Learning – A New Boom In The World Of Learning

To grow in your future ventures it is mandatory that you keep yourself updated and well versed with all the latest technology and skills hence learning is an important part. There are a lot of sources to gain knowledge, be it electronic media or print media. With the high dependency on the technology now learning has become quite simpler, social media has become a source of learning too. Earlier, in order to get basic education people had to walk miles but now in this modern world, the growing facilities have made learning quite easier as compared to the previous years.

There is one thing which is common between every human today, which is the mobile devices. You won’t find any single person without a cell phone, keeping this in mind now the education system has designed the learning methodologies that can easily be done using these small mobile devices. Earlier, if we see the time a few years back, there was a boom of e-learning but today learning has moved one step further by entering into mobile e-learning.

What do you understand by mobile learning?

 Let us understand in brief what exactly is mobile learning, any type of learning or knowledge that is given over some handheld devices or the portable mobile devices is called mLearning. Mobile learning is the subset of e Learning. After looking at the great success of mobile learning, it is acknowledged as the key format for training delivery by many of the organizations worldwide and hence it has become the extensively used training approach. One of the major factors of m Learning is breaking the whole learning process in small chunks to make it easy to grasp. Also, these handy mobile devices can be accessed anywhere at any time hence there are no timelines for learning, hence this has reduced the complexity. Custom eLearning content development is even a major part of mobile learning.

Mobile learning can be used to offer

  • Formal trainings
  • Performance support
  • Supplement traditional Instructor led training
  • Compliance training
  • Leadership training
  • Soft Skill training
  • Application tool training.

Most of the eLearning strategies can be easily adapted by mobile learning, let’s understand how mobile learning can be used to increase learning among the people

Learn, Recall and retain – the learning techniques are proved to be quite beneficial for the learners and hence this has led to keep the learners updated.

Learning can be applied while you are on job – whatever one learns can be applied while being active on any job.

M learning has made learning quite easier for the people in this busy world.


E Learning in Consortium With The Hospitality Sector

Employees in service domain incorporate a moral boast with the monotonous nature of their work by harping on innovations. The modern hospitality business boils down all to the competence of the employees. Customers will demand better service levels and the employees need to be on top of their game to ensure service of the hospitality sector. E learning hospitality management is a viable solution.

Training of staff enhances the professional knowledge, outlook and the framework of the employees. Training also motivates the employees by providing them with knowledge and their importance in an organizational set up. Hence top hotels train the employees based on the strategy of development.

Training modules needs to incorporate varied skills. This includes certificate programs, process training. A lot of training evolves round the job which consumes a lot of time. It does effect productivity and the employees have to don the hat of a trainer. The employees do take time to master skills. This has an impact on their productivity levels. With the help of e learning, training can be given at any place or anytime. It is an efficient type of training and you will learn by the trial and error method.

The hospitality industry is prone to cut throat competition. With the entry of new players in the market, as an employer you have to be inspired to give the best. As an area of e learning, training in soft skills is important for the hospitality employees. The challenge of e learning is to make the training session interesting and challenging, especially for the staff force who are already facing a lot of information drain.

E learning hospitality is important, as customers or tourists of this sector belong to different cultures. As an employer you need to be aware of the cultural nuances of each area. The training module must be designed keep in mind the operational needs of an organization. With the help of e learning the challenge of assembling employees for training sessions is avoided. Another challenge is the higher rate of retrenchment and there is a constant need to recruit new employees.

With the help of e learning cultural awareness is enhanced. The e learning course helps the employees understand the ethnic along with the cultural background of the employees. This is to cater to their satisfaction. It contributes to the process of handling of guests and food as well.

Switch on to effective, entertaining and excellent form of education

Education sectors at present face good challenge to update the system with the change and taste of present students. Most of the students and parents are attracted towards the excellent online platforms of education. At present, right from K12 to higher standards of education shows uncontrollable craze towards e-leaning systems. This demands the educational institutions to update the educators with the latest trends and methods in education sector.

Change of taste in students

Most of the present students hate the traditional class rooms and teaching methods using heavy books and the same black board. They get bored with same level presentation and teaching methods of the teachers with limited resources. They look for something really effective, entertaining and easily understandable with e-learning for education.

Importance of e-learning

The primary importance or benefit of e-learning is that it put a stylish end to the important challenges faced by the conventional educational system in this present tech and innovative world. Some of the important challenges include lack of standard study materials, limitations of the teacher in using modern techniques of teaching, geographical barriers or location of schools, lack of personalized or customized education, unbalance in cost and quality of education etc.

Benefits of e-learning 

So the benefit of e-learning is that it makes the students and teachers free from the above mentioned challenges. In this system teacher can provide teaching through online sources irrespective of the location of the students. Students can attend the classes from anywhere with the help of a computer with internet connection. Online classes or e-learning make use of most advanced and interactive online communication tools and online study materials to make the class really interesting. They make use of graphics and presentations to make the harder and deeper topics so simple to understand by the students.

Importance of reputed e-learning company

Teachers or educators should be provided with sufficient knowledge and experience in using the e-learning sources, techniques and study material to take the teaching to international level. Reputed e-learning companies help the educational sectors or institutions to provide excellent training on e-learning to the teachers or educators without spending more amount, effort and place. They provide online training at convenient timing to upgrade the skill and knowledge to provide the students with an exciting teaching experience. There is no doubt the students will fall in love with their studies and the teaching.

Now it is your time to take the decision.

What Is Game Based E-Learning?

At the heart of  enjoying  any game is the underlying learning process. When we progress in a game, we start  learning. When we are actively involved in a game, our minds are enjoying the sense of dealing with a new system. This is applicable whether the game is for fun or is serious.

The scope for delivering experience of games for training and education is enormous. In 2008, in the USA, nearly 170 million people played video games. Modern companies are harnessing the  power of well-crafted games to complete specific learning goals. This results in highly motivated workforce who practice application of skills honed in games in their real workplace.

Why Is It Effective?

When delivery of training or education is dull, it causes learners to be de-motivated. This implies that they are not ‘learning’. Learning as in case of traditional classroom set up, does not imply rote memorization. It refers to skills for responding to variety of situations, often under pressure. E-learning information provides suck skills.

Learners do not need more time in the classroom to learn to acquire knowledge. They need interactive, effective experiences which actively engage and motivate them  in the process of learning. This is why gaming has emerged as the latest trend in training and education.

 Since many years, video game designers have been creating games to inspire and educate learners.  Games created with skill have the capability to draw learners into virtual environments which feel and look relevant and familiar. This is highly motivating as they  can fast perceive and understand the link between  real life and learning experience.

In an effective game based scenario, learners focus on a goal, choose actions and experience the impact of such actions, along the process. Learners commit mistakes in a situation free of risk and by experimentation, they learn to actively  practice the proper skills.

Learners are kept actively engaged in honing  thought processes and behaviors which can be easily transferred from simulated process to real life. This fact is supported by research: as per analysis of efficiency of a flight-simulator training, air craft training combined with simulation always produced better training results than training only with air craft.

In contrast to traditional, passive training which drilled learners with certain information and tested them for their memory power, game based learning companies  provide skills to learners on how to handle real life situations. In a game based scenario, we not only learn facts but also the why’s and how’s.