Learning through the electronic media viz. through internet is called e-learning. The advancement of technology has graced the planet with benefits such that the macro level achievements have been greater both in terms of monetary and non- monetary benefits. The industry specific techniques to the program e-learning can be different. However, the ultimate goal to be achieved by the companies is the same that is the growth and the development of the company.

E-learning in the automobile industry is the need of the hour owing to the reason that one needs to be updated regarding the technology being used in all kinds of cars and vehicles that are being manufactured by their competitors. It is only then that the employees of the concerned company will think from the perspective of the company in order to make the company a step ahead of the competitor.

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How it works ?

The automobile industry involves the great deal of innovation in parts, modeling, designing etc. Sometimes, the extreme mini and extreme major parts can not be handled using the hands and therefore, cannot be studied elaborately. The virtual conditions can be generated online in order to study the each and every aspect of the car modelling in different scenarios.

Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) or Virtual Classroom Training (VCT) are concepts to deliver the training. Everything from the front end sales to back end mechanism has been simplified for the company. The error level has been reduced to minimal levels owing to the graciousness of the technology we have been addicted to. The problems at the managerial level too can be resolved better through the best techniques of the e-learning. The platform provided by the e-learning concept has visualized the world in the palm not only in the automobile industry but also for the IT industry. The software developers, the hardware aspirants and the others can learn the concepts like wavelength, the connections, the wire-line etc. easily and without much effort. The knowledge gained through the e-learning automotive industry will contribute to the performance level of the IT companies and the automobile companies in the short range and all the companies at the global level.

Further, the time saved in the concept of E-learning has proven to be best for the companies as the training can be flourished among the employees while working full-time simultaneously. The time of travelling of the employees can be best saved using the e-learning concept for imparting training by the companies. The normal barriers like age, location, and timing can thus be removed using the e-learning concept.

The connection between the e-learning aspect and its realizations in the form of attainments can be best seen in the infrastructure required. The more the people prefer and start using the e-learning mechanism, the more the infrastructure for IT system will be required. Therefore, the business of the IT industry will prosper thus increase their customer base and the earnings. The economy of the nation will boost up ultimately. The quality of living will, also enhance as a result of the increase in the level of use of e-learning concept.


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