2D Animation: Knowing The Different Types And Weighing The Pros And Cons

If you are trying to explore the scope of 2D animation and incorporate in your e learning methodologies, then you must get a clear idea about what 2D animation is all about, its types, and its advantages and disadvantages.

Animation itself can be of several types. 2D animation is just one of them, and still now, the most used in all e learning methodologies. The best 2D animation company in India makes use of 4 techniques in 2D animation, to define the 4 types of this type of animation.

  • Cut – Out Animation
  • Frame – by – Frame
  • Rigged Characters with Inverse Kinematics
  • Roto-scoping

Cut – Out Animation Technique

This type of animation takes a lot of preparation and time to make. Here every character is cut and placed in different layers to give it the desired effect. Although it takes a lot of time, yet you have to do everything just once, and not draw every frame. Then all you need to do is to animate the characters as puppets.

Pros: The time taken to animate the characters is very less, as the frames are not needed to be drawn over and over again.

Cons:The preparation time is high and there is a limitation on how you can place the characters. Moreover, this is not the fastest type of 2D animation available to you.

Frame-by-frame animation

This is the traditional animation technique. Also known by the names Flip Animation, or Classical Animation, here you draw each and every frame. Suppose your frame rate is 12 fps or frames per second, then you need to draw 12 frames for 1 second of animation.

Pros: You can make your characters do whatever you feel like or can imagine. They can have any expression on their faces and any pose on their body.

Rigged characters (using inverse kinematics)

This is the fastest kind of 2D animation available. Here the technology used, called the Inverse Kinematics works in the opposite way as forward kinematics, as is done in Cut – Out animation. The movements are done by using mathematical formulae, and so, are easy and quick to implement.

Pros: The speed of making the animation is simply superb.

Cons: The time taken for preparation is a little longer than others. Moreover, you are limited by the Rig in the actions that you can get your characters to do.

Rot scoping

This is a variation of fame-by-frameanimation.

Pros: The time taken is lesser than the traditional fame-by-framemethod.

Cons: This may be a bit faster method than the fame-by-frame, yet, compared to the other techniques, you take a long time.

Most of the leading K12 e learning companies in India offer good curriculum in 2D animation education.


Know About e-learning And Its Future Trends

The fact is that the latest trends are sought after by every industry, be it manufacturing or elearning. The contemporary educationalists when predicting future elearning trends can analyze better the past year fashions. This helps them to understand what is in store for them. Elearning is now more than a decade old now and presently has experienced tremendous growth. There are few elearning trends, for example developing kids’ educational games which are noticed not to lose out its charm.  Hence, it is to be studied properly and regularly. One should know how the new trends have managed to penetrate the elearning sector on a global scale.

top elearning companies in India

Uninterrupted learning

Continuous learning culture is fostered by technology. Present day educationalists in huge numbers have been making use of technology for creating uninterrupted knowledge gaining methods. Therefore, the need to avail continuous learning culture, it is necessary to hire the top elearning companies in India that offers the below:

  • Online coaching
  • Online on-the-job training scenarios
  • Tools to share knowledge on the different social platforms
  • Carry out specific type of learning
  • Quicker content creation

Presently, the trend towards creating quicker content is seen to have gained momentum. There are several cost effective and highly functional elearning solutions available. It has only made content creation to become much simpler and effective. Rapid authoring tools are being used to help execute content creation strategies.

Knowledge gaining through video

Video technology and its unprecedented growth is known to have led towards creating a renaissance. YouTube and TED Talks are considered to be boon to the corporate sector and institutions alike. It has become to acquire and share knowledge through video. Convenience can be found with motion graphics. Incorporating short videos and motion graphics tends to result in better engagement among the learners. Besides this, video learning can help explain easily the complex concepts.

Focus upon knowledge gaining, short modules

Any elearning module is created to last around 20 to 30 minutes. However, the trend is noticed to have shifted, with the focus being more on the quicker, shorter modules. Learners are noticed to year for greater flexibility. According to the developing trends, every module is to be around 5 minutes long. Shorter modules as observed by many educationalists are seen to create positive outcome for the learners if repeated. At the same time, bit sized knowledge sessions can prove to be effective and is to be combined with animations. One should choose the best 2d animation company for the purpose.

Animation videos help business to connect with its audience effectively

These days, the number of organizations, both big and small using animations for developing advertising and course contents has been increasing at a fast pace. The reason for this is that the audience of all types and ages are able to relate with the characters, identify and like it. Both 2D and 3D animations have been enjoying immense popularity and it is only growing with time. The increasing demands among the corporate sector are sufficient proof of this aspect.

Excellent videos

The qualified and talented 2d animation company in India is able to come up with animations of all types and to suit all purposes with great ease. The professionals hired by them are experts in the domain. They can create 3D and 2D effects in a manner that it can keep the audience spell bound right from the beginning of the content, until its end and even after its completion. These engaging, outstanding and interesting animations do help the organizations to reach their objective in an inexpensive manner. Also, they are able to promote their products and services, while enhancing their existing customer base.


Making quick and effective communications

Animation videos have been termed to be excellent promotional tools. They are found to be visually appealing. Within few minutes of running the animation program, the audience would be able to connect with it easily and effectively. This way, the desired message of the organization is able to reach the targeted audience quickly and in a cost-effective manner. The animations created are really entertaining and can be remembered for a long time.

Animation videos are indeed better communicators. They are just fabulous and a must for every business. People are able to retain useful information from the audio-visual when compared to simply reading texts. The online marketers have been using it to their client’s advantage and improving their overall business and revenue. Watching the animated characters would make the educated and adult audience to go back to their childhood days.

Blending well visually

The fact is that graphic elements do have wonderful power to explain the different challenging themes in an easy manner. This could be probably the stirring figures in the educational books, scientific texts or the pie charts. Animated videos can help explain complicated concepts of the business easily and effectively within seconds. The audience is also able to connect with the contents much more effortlessly, thus leading to growth of sales for the client’s business.

Hiring a reputed developer to come up with useful 2D animations for the business

It is the dream of every entrepreneur to reach maximum clients with his brand of products and services and to be ahead of his competitors. But for this, he has to undertake ways and means to reach the top. Although there are several solutions available in the market, the one that has been able to lure people of all ages and gender and spell bound them completely is termed to be animations.

Importance of animations

Animations have been there for quite several decades and its importance in the business world has been slowly and steadily increasing to help the organizations to send across its message in a clear, crisp manner, and without any hassle.

The fact is that animations are it 2D or 3D is simply loved by people of all ages and they are not simply restricted to the small age audience. Moreover, being simple to understand and colorful, the animated characters are just effective in giving out the desired message. Hence, the demand for a good and reputed 2d animation company has been increasing at a fast pace.


Need for reputed animation developers

Although there are numerous animation developers in the industry claiming to offer the best services to their clients, the truth is that not all of them are dependable. Most of them are amateurs and do not have any industry experience. Hence, investing the precious money on them would be just sheer waste for the entrepreneur, who has to take a careful and well informed approach and decision, when it comes to selecting the best animation development company.

Not just any development company would suit the requirements. Rather, it becomes essential to select a company that has immense exposure and experience of the particular industry and domain that the entrepreneur is attached with. Anything less than that would only shatter the long term prospects of the business and the kind of effect the animated programs would have on the end consumers.

A reputed and qualified animated company is one that would first understand the domain to which the client’s business belongs to. They should have prior experience of having worked for similar client and know all the pros and cons of the domain. This way, they can take the right approach for developing the animated programs for the business accordingly, so as to ensure sure success. It is only then can the entrepreneur zoom ahead of his competitors.

How beneficial is 2D Animation

The early 90s gave birth to 3D animation for sure. But before that 2D animation had revolutionized the way we saw the digital world. And it is important to know that 2D animation is not a technology of the past. It is still there and flourishing as brightly as ever. However, the technology provided for 2D animation these days is easier to create thanks to thousands of tools present today. That is the reason why each 2D animation company in India offers stupendous animation at all budgets.

Some benefits over 3D animation:

  • Highly efficient:

2D animations have been there for quite some time and they have since been able to tell great stories with great accomplishment. It is not that 2D animation is easier than 3D one but it can be said that it can be accomplished at a much faster rate when it comes to emergencies. Their efficiency is well versed to complete urgent projects without any extra work.

  • Simple:

2D animation has the advantage of simplicity. Looking at those cartoons on television will show you how simple those creations are. This is quite helpful for young kids when making out the scene being depicted as it is simpler to understand.2D animation company in India

  • Budgeted:

It is quite understandable that 2D animation is cost effective as well. You can get such an animation at half the price of what is created in 2D technology. Many buyers are not able to afford 3D animations, which is why this choice is suitable for them. It can offer a similar message while staying within their budget.

  • Freedom to create:

2D animation has limited restrictions when it comes to designing objects. 3D is more dedicated to lifelike scenarios, which surely takes time to perfect whereas 2D animation focuses on an artistic style that is well suited to the imaginative power of the artist. You can create simple and unique designs in this type of animation.

2D animation company in India, which focuses on such qualities, is well received by customers from all over the place. If you are interested in learning about this animation method then you can look up for reliable resources for getting these made for you.