How to Encourage Involvement of Managers in E-Learning Based Training

Managers of companies have a great role to play in employee motivation. The enthusiasm they have for the work of the company is contagious and percolates down to employees.

The passion which managers have for online training will inspire employees to follow suit. Thus success of e-learning training programs is to get employers or managers to become involved in them. Thus e-learning development services must also consider roping in manager involvement in training programs.


Here a few suggestions on how to maximize involvement of managers in order to make training programs efficient and effective:

  • Get managers involved from the start: Managers and employees work together on a daily basis. This makes managers great sources of information about employees and progress of training. They can identify skill gaps, keep tabs on employee performance and address common challenges. Hence, managers must be involved in the development and delivery of e-learning based training, right from the start.
  • Encourage employee feedback delivery by managers: One of the best ways to enhance workplace productivity and performance of employees is by providing employee feedback. Managers must be encouraged to offer constructive criticism as fast as possible. Example is bringing to attention, an issue of task performance. The employee may not be aware that he is on the wrong track but the manager can guide him.
  • Enforce training contracts: Some employees may need extra motivation to participate actively in e-learning based training. To keep employee accountable and maintain company standards, training contracts can be put in place. Contracts may cover activity recommendations, personal learning goals, deadlines for online training, desired out comes and criteria for evaluation. They may also stipulate repercussions for employees, who don’t stick to their end of the deal.
  • Let managers control groups of corporate learners:Divide employees into groups and appoint a manager to guide each one of these. Encourage each of the group members to stay in touch through social media and do collaboration on online projects. By demarcating small groups, managers can guide them on a one to one basis. They can moderate net based discussions and recommend webinars, articles etc.
  • Make them advocate online training: The enthusiasm with which managers’ approach training programs is infectious. They pass on their passion to subordinates. For making them staunch advocates of a training program, managers must be made aware of all details of online training and Learning Management systems.

These are some ways in which managers can be made involved in online training of employees and can guide them to success.