Use of e-learning in the modern education system

The education system is changing rapidly. Every year there is something new introduced to help the children learn better and get good education. One such mode of education that has benefitted many students is the e-learning program for the K 12 curriculum development education.

Benefits of using e-learning in education –

It is self paced –

E-learning does not have any particular speed. Each student can learn at their own speed. They can speed up their pace or slow down whenever they want. This gives equal opportunity for all the students to learn according to their comfort instead of forcing everyone to learn at one single speed.

It is self directed –

Each child is his own teacher. Instead of learning the lesson that the teacher wishes to teach, each child can pick their own content and tools to gain knowledge. This is very convenient as each student has differing interests, skills and needs.

Customised learning –

The material used for learning is designed around the learner and hence suits all the students according to their needs.There are multiple learning styles used to deliver the lessons and learn them.


No geographical barriers –

E-learning is especially useful when the student cannot attend the classes. Ill students, students who are on a vacation, students who are representing the school in sports and games, can all not attend the regular classes. These students will find it easy to attend classes and learn lessons. This technology opens up broader education options.

Anywhere anytime –

The students can access the study material 24/7, from any part of the world. This flexibility is welcome by part time students and the regular ones too.

Cost effective –

The e-learning will cut the costs of travel expenses unlike the regular classes when the students have to assemble in one class. It is surely going to benefit even the students from the rural parts of the country.

Greater interaction –

The e-learning will enable more interaction between the students. There will be more communication which can lead to the vanish of stage fear and shyness.

Technically sound –

The use of technology to learn the lessons will make the students technically sound. They will have greater computer and Internet knowledge.

Most of the major universities in the world have embraced the online learning system. They conduct online classes and distribute online degrees and certificates that are valuable in the present day business world.