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Mobile E Learning – A New Boom In The World Of Learning

To grow in your future ventures it is mandatory that you keep yourself updated and well versed with all the latest technology and skills hence learning is an important part. There are a lot of sources to gain knowledge, be it electronic media or print media. With the high dependency on the technology now learning has become quite simpler, social media has become a source of learning too. Earlier, in order to get basic education people had to walk miles but now in this modern world, the growing facilities have made learning quite easier as compared to the previous years.

There is one thing which is common between every human today, which is the mobile devices. You won’t find any single person without a cell phone, keeping this in mind now the education system has designed the learning methodologies that can easily be done using these small mobile devices. Earlier, if we see the time a few years back, there was a boom of e-learning but today learning has moved one step further by entering into mobile e-learning.

What do you understand by mobile learning?

 Let us understand in brief what exactly is mobile learning, any type of learning or knowledge that is given over some handheld devices or the portable mobile devices is called mLearning. Mobile learning is the subset of e Learning. After looking at the great success of mobile learning, it is acknowledged as the key format for training delivery by many of the organizations worldwide and hence it has become the extensively used training approach. One of the major factors of m Learning is breaking the whole learning process in small chunks to make it easy to grasp. Also, these handy mobile devices can be accessed anywhere at any time hence there are no timelines for learning, hence this has reduced the complexity. Custom eLearning content development is even a major part of mobile learning.

Mobile learning can be used to offer

  • Formal trainings
  • Performance support
  • Supplement traditional Instructor led training
  • Compliance training
  • Leadership training
  • Soft Skill training
  • Application tool training.

Most of the eLearning strategies can be easily adapted by mobile learning, let’s understand how mobile learning can be used to increase learning among the people

Learn, Recall and retain – the learning techniques are proved to be quite beneficial for the learners and hence this has led to keep the learners updated.

Learning can be applied while you are on job – whatever one learns can be applied while being active on any job.

M learning has made learning quite easier for the people in this busy world.


E-Learning Solutions While Being On the Move

The best prospect of e-learning solutions has been the fact that they can be easily accessed across a number of multiple platforms. It can be said that the mobile e-learning solutions have been primitively based across a number of perspectives that allow people instant access to all of the fundamentals.


E-learning has been the biggest platform for the people that have been on the lookout for better opportunities to gain professional knowledge. E-learning provides for a better scope of learning that can be assessed through a lot of media especially the mobile ones.

Perspectives of mobile e-learning solutions

It is important to understand the fact that mobile e-learning solutions have been incorporated for the benefit of the people that are constantly in the move. They are best suited for the professionals that are already engaged in some sort of an activity. The activities can be associated with education or their profession as well.

The Prudencey  of e-learning can be seen across a large dimension. They are necessarily the most conservative move for an individual that is not able to invest the requisite period of time towards their professional moves.

  • Digital e-learning solutions help to integrate an individual for the professional career that they have been always on the lookout for.
  • Digital and mobile e-learning solutions provide for learning on the go. In easier terms, it can be said that the people are always subjected to knowledge and need not worry about missing any class or lecture at all.
  • Necessarily all of the people that have been associated with a professional entity can easily acquire the knowledge through a mobile e-learning platform. This ensures that they can stay apace with their career and also make the move for betterment of their progress in the professional field.

E-learning solutions for students

For the students of the education system in the country, e-learning has certainly been one of the biggest achievements for them. It is certainly the opportunity, which allows them with an infinite scope to achieve their professional identity with ease. E-learning also allows easier access of knowledge based on multiple niche platforms. It is necessarily the need of the student that is taken into account.

In easier terms, it is a form of professional arcadia, which allows students and professionals to take a heed of their career and choices as well. It is an independent opportunity that certainly allows the people to make the most of what they have been looking forward to.

Why consider outsourcing econtent to the professionals?

Offshore elearning and mobile education is fast becoming the growing needs of today. The reason is because people of all ages and business establishments have adopted modern technology and using it towards their improvement and to achieve immense success.

Benefits derived from e-learning off-shoring

  • Saves on precious money, since the professional’s boast of having the necessary resources for creating those impactful e-learning and mobile education applications.
  • This frees the managers and employees to have more free time for creating that insightful base content and have efforts diverted towards development of the employees.


  • Flexible modality involved in creation of e-learning solutions, especially with the outsourcing companies offers organizations with the opportunity to select the very best payment choice that suits their needs.
  • Material and time modality
  • Fixed cost modality

Advantages from fixed cost modality

  • Such modality of engagement tends to work well especially with clients who are able to assess their specific needs. Moreover, having immense experience and exposure in the domain, the professionals can better understand the expected outcome and scope of learning, also they are in a much better position to communicate properly and in a timely manner.
  • It tends to work for those projects which are said to run for a particular duration, has defined learner set, expecting in such specifications, no major change.
  • As the clients requirements could be properly assesses, such engagement mode tends to work within the agreed parameters related to outcome, quality and time.
  • The mode does work perfectly for both short and long term projects, unless the client is not expecting undergoing any major change.
  • If any impactful change is not iced, then it is essential to carry out fresh assessment and prepare the proposals accordingly.

Advantages of material and time modality

  • Such modality of engagement tends to work perfectly with those clients facing shifting priorities and timelines or changing requirements.
  • Client s being new to mobile education and elearning, not still having grasped the details, working on it, can find it to be really useful.
  • It is regarded to be a seamless modality, with work proceeding frequent discussion, approvals and drafts.
  • The gradual development process is said not to affect the timelines that are kept flexible.
  • If any kind of changes are made, the overall workings with regards of the learning expectations and development process are not impacted.

Hence, getting to understand the advantages of elearning and mobile education options can help organizations to benefit from its implementation.